About Us


Priyamvada Heritage Silks is a new venture to support and uplift the traditional Handloom Silk from different states of India i.e. KOSA SILK,BANARSI,MOOGA SILK,KANJIPURAM to name a few.... We with the support from the Textile Engineer and Weavers are creating market for them . Ecommerce is big platform for spreading awarness and setting up global market for Handloom and Khadi Silks.

Priyamvada Heritage Silks is one stop solution for the dresses of all occasions like Weddings,Festive Season,Social Events . We deals with Kosa Silk , Raw Silk and other Silks Sarees, Dress Materials,Shawls, Kurtas ,Shirts(Men) and Dress Materials in all segments.



Kosa silk is a type of silk made from a thread produced by a worm similar to the silk worm. It is primarily produced in central India in the Chhattisgarh region. It is drawn out of cocoons which are especially grown on specific trees known as Arjun, Saja and Sal. It is known for its dull golden brownish look, it is available naturally in shades of pale golden, dark honey, orange, fawn, cream and many more; all similar to the description of dull golden brown. The finished product is dyed using natural dyes from thenatural flower (Fire flower), the red pollen of the Rora Flower and the deep rose red from lac and some more natural contributors



Champa , Korba and Raigarh of Chattisgarh state of India are known for producing high quality Kosa Silk. The Kosa silk produced in “Champa” is treated as the best silk all over the world, and exported in many countries.



The Devangan community are the original producers of products made from Kosa silk. They hail from  Raigarh, Korba and Champa towns of Chattisgarh and are by and large dedicated to the fabrication of Kosa silk.



Kosa Silk has been cherished by the international community and has been accepted with open arms in USA, U.K., rest of Europe.